A Christmas Morning by Bec Smart

December 26, 2014  •  1 Comment

A typical Smart family Christmas morning always starts with pancakes. Part way through indulging in my meal I was interrupted by Master 17 insisting I open his present to me. He was being annoyingly persistent and ignoring my pleas to wait until after breakfast. I gave in and opened it to find 3 delicious Garryowen jams. I was immediately grateful that he had the forethought to make me open them while eating my pancakes!

Then it was onto opening the presents. The kids had only been waiting 364 days for this moment.


Probably the photo I love the most from the entire day is this one of Master 5 giving his big brother an affectionate hug after receiving a bag of Skylanders from him.

Introducing new Skylanders to our resident Skylanders. All the kids were most impressed with their new additions.

Master 17 waiting patiently for presents.

I call this "Sleeping while standing" featuring the Mister. Although he probably just blinked.

This smile constantly lights up my life. I don't think it could get any bigger than it does on Christmas morning.

Photo bomb by big bro.

Gosh new towels! How fantastic and practical at the same time. Nice work Santa ;)


What could it be....?

Another towel? Sensational! It's as soft as a cloud :)

Still smiling :)

Master 7 was pretty thrilled with his new camera gear. He's barely put the thing down.

Keep your eyes peeled to his Facebook page Mr Smart Photography for updated pics, including some underwater ones!

What? A robotic dog? Don't we already have two real dogs? Isn't that enough? Nope apparently not. I have to admit, these things are adorably cute to play with.

Incredibly there was enough room under our tree for this helicopter. You see what happens when you are a good boy Master 7?

Not content with the 17 pets we already own, Miss 5 is now the proud mother of a robot butterfly. Congratulations sweetie. Wait, does this make me a grandmother?


Do you wanna build a snowman?

Santa wasn't shy increasing the boy's arsenal, Nerf guns as big as a small pony for each of them. Thanks Santa, these mega darts hurt like a b****! New rule: No shooting people!

The teenager was equally impressed with his new flat screen TV and Xbox. Just what every teenage boy needs isn't it? Another excuse to stay in bed until 3pm?

I can tell he was impressed, this is not the face of disappointment :)

The Mister was not forgotten and was pleasantly surprised by his new torch. It can even be used for diving. We just need to find a diver now!

Speaking of divers, these little robofish (yes another robot animal we could seriously start a robo zoo) and mermaid are water activated and swim around flapping their little fins. Like these are the coolest things ever. Who thinks of these things?

Not sure Master 7 was quite feeling the love here, but Christmas is a time for giving, whether you like it or not.

Little Miss 5 with her new mermaid bestie. Happiest kids on the block!

Well done Santa & Mum and Dad! Now.... where's the batteries?










Love all the photos awesome :)
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