Smarty Pants Photography | This is me, well this is my dog really

This is me, well this is my dog really

October 06, 2014  •  2 Comments

Hi there, welcome to my blog.

I do have another blog which has been dormant for a couple of years so I figured instead of dragging that one out of retirement I would start fresh.

To me blogs are personal, and this is the aim of my blog, to reflect a bit more personality into my website. You will see and hear a bit more about my life and what goes on behind the scenes. I hope you enjoy this and see it as a window into my life.

We are smack bang in the middle of school holidays and while it is normally a relaxing time, don't get me wrong we have done a lot of relaxing over the weekend, today is a special day. One of our hairy mammoth dogs, Chevy a border collie, is getting a haircut. Chev, as we like to call him, has super long hair and loves nothing more than spending the day with my husband on the farm. Since crops are starting to dry out and grasses are spreading their seeds, it is really easy for these seeds to get stuck in his hair. They also can bury themselves into his skin and even venture into his ears. Most unpleasant and downright painful for the dog! So today we are going to give him a bath, aka take him to the dam to have a swim and get all the dirt off him, before our lovely local dog groomer arrives this afternoon.

So how about a before and after, since this will likely be a dramatic change..... Here is the before

Chevy before his haircut Chevy before his haircut




Smarty Pants Photography
Thank you Margy, that is so nice of you to say. Stay tuned for an update on Chevy! XO Bec
Hi Bec,
Love your new website.
You are a awesome photography and I absolutely love seeing your work.
Chevy is a gorgeous dog and very photogenic , hope he is enjoying his new 'hair do'
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