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Christmas comes to Wudinna

December 17, 2014  •  4 Comments

Sunday 14th December 2014, saw Santa come to our small country town of Wudinna, South Australia. We experienced the first ever Wudinna Christmas Pageant and combined Christmas Market Day.

Thanks to the Wudinna Business & Tourism Committee for organising this massive and successful event. The Market Day saw most businesses in the town open from 11am - 3pm and a bunch of stalls in the hall, including my photo booth.

I will do another post soon with pics from the photo booth, but for now enjoy some pics from the pageant!


Christine May(non-registered)
I see cousin Caryll and Marcia. And, no I never saw a pageant, but remember fun at the pub. I think that was Christmas or Boxing Day
Jenni Hissey(non-registered)
i was born in Wudinna , and I never saw a Christmas pageant in Wudinna the whole time I lived in Kyancutta. Well done Wudinna.
Fay smith(non-registered)
What a great street party, reminds of the truck going around on Xmas eve at Wudinna , piano on back an people singing Xmas carols , handing out cups lemonade an cherrys, to all houses in the town, it was soo exciting. Congrats Wudinna, an great photos Bec.
Great pics Bec! It was a fantastic day. Dad was talking to Mr Bartley & apparently the last wudinna pageant was in 1959
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