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Hugh and Toby

December 20, 2015  •  2 Comments

These two brothers from the West Coast love their cricket and also have a healthy dose of sibling rivalry. I can tell that it must have been fun for their Mum Donnamarie with these two lads growing up. Her instructions to me were "I just want one good one - I don't care if they are being idiots, or serious I just want to see them having fun together." Well I think we have hit a six in that department!


Bec these photos of these two young men are awesome.
Good luck Dolse selecting ones to print off .... oh why not do them all ...... very precious photos
Bec you scored a century - you have captured our boys personality so perfectly. Thank you so much for your fantastic service you have made it difficult for us to select only one photo, we love them all.
You certainly exceeded my brief.
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