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Baby Jude

June 03, 2016  •  1 Comment

Have you been lucky enough to have a newborn in your arms? Their smell is incredible and like nothing you've ever experienced. It's so powerful that studies have shown the smell of newborns can trigger dopamine release in the reward pathways of the brain, the same "pleasure pathways" affected by cocaine, food, and other stimuli that evoke reward response! I literally can't get enough of it. So I've thrown myself into working with newborns lately and wanted to share some of the heartwarming moments I've captured in the last few months. Let's start with the adorable Jude, at just 7 days old.

It's a tough gig being little Jude. He wasn't one bit worried about his day in the spotlight though and slept almost the entire time. Dad was out on the tractor otherwise he would have been in a few shots too, but seeding needed to be done and when you're having a baby mid way through there's lots to catch up on at the farm!


Teeny Tiny Baby Toes. Ahh bless.

Being a mum means being there, always. Mum Laura is so kindhearted there's no doubt in my mind she will be the best mum for little Jude, he's quite lucky to have her!

It's 100% true that you could watch a baby sleep for hours. Those little lashes, those lips, watching his chest move up and down and counting each breath.

It's no secret that the best place to fall asleep is in a mother's arms.

So much love. It was an absolute joy to visit with these two at their Warramboo farm where no doubt Jude will have the BEST childhood growing up. I should know I grew up on a farm too :)





what beautiful photo's of mum and son
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