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100 Years of Football 1918 -2018

June 24, 2018  •  8 Comments

1918 - 2018


This week my home town of Wudinna celebrated 100 years of football, the heritage of Wudinna United Football Club and associated clubs: Yaninee FC 1918 - 1949; Pygery FC 1923 - 1949; Wudinna FC 1918-1988; United FC 1950 - 1988; Wudinna United FC 1989 - Present.

The history of our club began in 1918 when Wudinna and Yaninee football clubs began as part of the Central Eyre Peninsula Football Association. Pygery joined in 1923. After a WWII recess from 1941-1945 teams became part of the LeHunte Football League. Teams in the league included Kyancutta, Warramboo, Elliston, Lock, Minnipa, Waddikee Rovers, Pygers, Wudinna and Yaninee.

In 1950 Yaninee and Pygery amalgamated to form United. Then in 1989 Wudinna and United joined together to form Wudinna United, becoming part of the Mid West Football League. It was interesting to learn that the 6 current clubs in the Mid West League have derived from 44 original football clubs in the same area.

Wudinna United celebrated the weekend with a variety of special guests including David Shipway (Past chair SA Community Football League), Peter Linder (Chair SA Country Football League), Daniel Foster (Geelong), David Hynes (our AFL veteran), Bert Woolford (Regional Football Advisory Council), Matt Cook (President of Mid West Football League) and Andrew Taheny (Game Development Coordinator EP).



Friday night we reminisced on the years gone by, with a panel of past players, coaches, trainers and supporters. It was a really entertaining evening, with stories of late nights, and probably too many drinks, bringing lots of laughs to everyone.

WUFC President Dallas Waters welcomes the crowd.

Pat Hynes, Tony Robinson, Eugene Warrior, Barry Wilkins and Dennis Best.

Buck DuBois, Peter Boylan, Sam Best, Stretch Denton, Beard Franklin

Skeeter Reed

One name that got mentioned quite a lot on the panel was Skeeter Reed, probably the best footballer from back in the day according to many locals! It was really inspirational to hear how passionate he was and still is by all accounts, about the game of football. It was great to see him on the sidelines encouraging the boys in the A grade match on Saturday too. I like to think that he helped them get over the line.

Ryan DuBois spoke to Andrew Buckham, Peter Senic, Mark Hynes and Tommy Seal

The third group to take the panel spoke about the '90s and the club's hat trick of premierships between 1992 and 1994.

Final panel for the night consisted of Greg Scholz speaking with Tom Seal, Ryan DuBois, Neil Seaman, Chris Lymn and Henry Zwar



Saturday was a beautiful sunny day for the match between Wudinna United and Western Districts. Wudinna was fortunate enough to have some young blokes, who had come home for the 100 year celebrations, on their team, which gave them the push they needed to break their losing streak. In front of a massive home crowd Wudinna fought hard to get the win with a score of 8 10 to Western Districts 6 13. 

A Grade - Back: Ron Lycett (Coach), Neil Seaman (Captain), Isaac Boylan, Mark North, Thomas Dupree, Tyson Tree, Henry Zwar, Kevin Cummings, Josh Boylan, Ryan DuBois, Chris Lymn. Middle: Samuel Buckham, Jeff Hutt, Dallas Waters, Remi North, Adam Jericho, Justin Davies, Mick Lymn. Front: Matthew Greatbatch, Jarad Tomney, David Moyse, Regan Petty, Ricky Seal, Jeb Nettle, Ryan Lymn


Game Stats...

Wudinna United 4.4, 5.6, 6.9, 8.10 (58)

Western Districts 1.0, 2.7, 4.8, 6.13 (49)

GOALS, Wudinna United : N. Seaman 1, D. Moyse 1, S. Buckham 1, J. Hutt 1, J. Tomney 1, T. Dupree 1, R. Seal 1, M. North 1

Western Districts : D. King-O'Loughlin 4, N. Hebberman 1, Z. Montgomerie 1

BEST, Wudinna United : I. Boylan, N. Seaman, R. North, S. Buckham, M. Greatbatch

Western Districts : D. King-O'Loughlin , S. Feltus, K. Gill, J. Horgan, Z. Montgomerie




Saturday night started with game day presentations and special guests David Shipway and Peter Lindner representing SACFL presenting the awards. Following those, we were treated to up-close and personal interviews with two very special guests who started their football journey in Wudinna and that led them to live out their AFL dreams Daniel Foster and David Hynes.


Special guest Daniel Foster spoke to Tommy Seal

Daniel Foster spoke about his journey through football, from junior days through to AFL level football and his time at Geelong. Dan spoke candidly about his time at Geelong and talked of injury, salary, and how it was a high pressure time. He played 17 games between 2000 and 2002 for Geelong Football Club and went on to speak about his decision to leave AFL and come home to the farm at Wudinna. 

"When Dan started at United as a young Colt, he was surrounded by “Foster” lads, and they could ALL play. From his insanely talented brother to his twin cousins that spent 95% of their time playing “wars” and building forts over behind the Yaninee Sports Club in the scrub. But one thing always stood out about Dan. Intensity. Every time I addressed the lads as a group he was “front and square” staring intensely straight at me, and never missed a single word I uttered. He had to work harder on his skills than ANY of the Foster boys, and by memory was not as athletically blessed as some of his cousins. But boy he would work. There could not be a better example for any young footy player hoping to extract maximum results from available ability. And after all, that is what it is all about, on an individual level." - Gavin Branford.

Daniel Foster

David Hynes

Special guest David Hynes, another homegrown hero, spoke about his time playing for SANFL club Port Adelaide from 1985-1990. During which time he played in their 1988, 1989 and 1990 Premiership teams. He won the Fos Williams Medal in 1992 in a State of Origin match SA vs. VIC.

David made his AFL debut with the West Coast Eagles in 1991 and spoke about his time with them until 1995 including playing in the 1994 AFL Grand Final win over Geelong. He then went to Fremantle in 1996 where he spent two seasons with the club. During his time at Fremantle he also represented South Fremantle in the WAFL and was lucky enough to win the Simpson Medal for best player in their 1997 Premiership team.

David spoke highly of his parents Tom and Val (pictured above), his teammates and coaches including legendary local Skeeter Reed and his "Uncle Pat" who inspired him at the beginning of his career. It was a pleasure listening to his stories, we're very lucky he was able to come all the way home from W.A. to join in the celebrations and share some of his journey.


Well done to all those involved with the weekend, the hours spent setting up the club and gathering all the memorabilia, catering, decorating, arranging for special guests. It was a magnificent feat and one that we are all proud of. Our community may be small but we sure come together in times like these and it's really great to see. I have a small boy who lives and breathes football and he has some fantastic idols around him which I'm so grateful for. 

Well done to the 100 Years Committee comprising of Rick DuBois, Simon Petty, Marko Klante, Greg Scholz, Greg Dubois, Andrew Buckham, Peter Boylan and Dallas Waters.





Val Schache(non-registered)
Thanks for great pictures and script. I’m still passionate AFL and as those in the know would remember KLANTE’s especially women footballers too Great joy to KNOW and see the first WAFL grand final last year.
Many of you have had Syd Klante’s thumbs on you and then the physio daughter for a decade until ‘84
What Dr Michael Sorikin and I pioneered re head gear policy after a heavy concussion and a 2nd any concussion is STILL best practice now Australia wide even now in coming into the other football codes.
If the drought wasn’t soo severe I would have come across halfway Aust to share the yarns.
My stories covered ALL of Lehunte and Kimba Lock Elliston Streaky Bay Poochers Wirrulla as I was the sole physio and I barracked for players and DIDNT take bribes to do less than my best at getting a bloke back on the paddock. Wow as an acupuncturist I’d would have done ‘miracles’.
Gaynor Ramsey(non-registered)
Thank you Bec. It sounds like it was a wonderful weekend and I bet everyone is ready for a rest after a lot of hard work.
Di McKenna(non-registered)
Fantastic Blog Bec. Is great to put pictures to the stories I have heard from the weekend. A well organised, awesome weekend by all accounts.
Kym Harrison(non-registered)
Great community of people, really enjoyed my involvement with the club whilst in Wudinna really miss the people. "Go the magpies"
Rhianna Foster(non-registered)
This is an amazing account of a very special event in our club Bec. You captured the heart and soul of our club!
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